Fox News interviews Ex-President Coolidge

Among the many fascinating (and downright entertaining) film reels archived in the Moving Image Research Collections housed by the University of South Carolina there is this three-minute segment featuring Calvin and Grace Coolidge seven months after leaving the White House, October 21, 1929. Their three dogs — Beans the Boston terrier, Beauty the white collie and Tiny Tim the chow — feature prominently in the short movie as does long-time friend and neighbor, Mrs. R. B. Hills. The University’s holdings are well worth viewing!

CC walking dog video

On Walking the Dogs

One thought on “On Walking the Dogs

  1. PRICELESS Footage!!! Both chows Blackberry and Tiny Tim are featured here. I have a chow history archive and it is certain the Coolidges did an amazing amount for the early promotion of our breed…. whether intended or not. I have become fascinated with the couple and their lives through my research of their dogs.

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