Phi Gamma Delta Conference, 1926

Leaders of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity visit fellow member, President Calvin Coolidge (Amherst 1895), at the White House, January 23, 1926. L to R: W.T. Pangmon (Syracuse 1902), Donald Davis (Kansas 1918), Cecil Wilkinson (Ohio Wesleyan 1917), Harry White (Alabama 1916), Carleton Potter (Dartmouth 1918), Charles Anderson (Columbia 1925), Charles Eastman (Illinois 1906), Penfield Mower (Dartmouth 1904), Horace Brightman (Columbia 1902), Edwin Clattenburg (Roanoke 1902), President Coolidge, J. Earle Dunford (Richmond 1915), Luther Brewer (Gettysburg 1883), Ralph Cake (Oregon 1913), George Snyder (Pennsylvania 1900), Donald Canfield (WPI 1919), Clarence Williams (Reserve 1914), Frank Lee (California 1918), Danner Mahood (Davidson 1922, Virginia 1923), and Harry Swanson (Chicago 1917).

Phi Gamma Delta Conference, 1926

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