Happy Birthday, Mrs. Coolidge!


Born on this day in 1879, Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge remains one of the best definitions of graciousness and true beauty ever to serve as First Lady. What she sacrificed for others to complete her course cannot be quantified. As the Twenties are here again, perhaps a renewed appreciation for her legacy and example in words and deeds will finally gain its proper regard after so long a neglect in the historical consciousness. We love you, Mrs. Coolidge! You look better than ever, dear lady.


Cal Thomas’ “It’s worth looking back on life in America 100 years ago”


Mr. Cal Thomas, a frequently cogent observer of human nature and culture, makes a great point here. It is one that is the focus of our Salient Cal Project, the book that encourages presenting the Twenties in perspective, featuring forgotten individuals and lost lessons. We look forward to amplifying Mr. Thomas’ point in the coming year and beyond. We agree that those Twenties are worth looking back on again. When we so often get a blurred, distorted rendition of the people and their times, isn’t it about time to look closer and hear what they have to say? They have had too little understanding in spite of the efforts of so many to bring them into truer, fairer focus. Stay tuned for more from The Salient Cal Project.

A New Year, 2020!


The Twenties are officially here again. Happy New Year!

“We cannot for long reap what we have not sown. We cannot hold what we do not pay for. The law of service cannot be evaded or repealed. Nor is it yet in the power of man under any system of government he can adopt or any organization of society he can form to make this a perfect world.

“But the ability to make the best of things, to secure progress, to learn from adversity is not to be disparaged or ignored. The creative energy of nature is not diminished but increased by the fallow season. Mankind requires a time for taking stock, for recuperation, for gathering energy for the next advance.

“That is the significance of the new year. We take a new inventory to see what we have, we take new bearings to see where we are, we correct our conduct by new resolutions. After all due allowance for error and relapse, such a course guarantees improvement. Perhaps the best resolve is to live so that next year new resolutions will be unnecessary.”