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The era and especially the political philosophy of Calvin Coolidge have become sources of fascinating study for me over the past few years, especially in light of current events. While born on the Colorado prairie and raised in the Midwest, I have gained a healthy respect for the sober Vermonter who was our thirtieth president.
Now an adopted Floridian, a notary public, certified paralegal and web and graphic designer, I am witnessing the wholesale repudiation of limited government, strict economy and the perversion of America’s moral experiment. I am convinced Mr. Coolidge is a unique and powerful witness of truths not constrained by time, place or culture. We ignore him and America’s “great cloud of witnesses” to our peril.
While I do not presume to be anything great (as these meager offerings will prove) the times call on us all to speak out and be “silent” no more.


Work has begun in a group we have named The Salient Cal Project to bring together a collection of excellent essays by an exceptional cast of contributors. These authors are  not only from across the United States but from around the world.  We are writing for those already well-acquainted with Coolidge as well as those eager to know more. Be sure to stay tuned for more details.


Daniel’s first book, Keeping Cool on the Campaign Trail: 101 of “Silent” Cal’s Insights on Voting, Campaigning, and Governing, is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.
An audio version to listen on the go is now available on Audible iTunes, and Amazon.


Why the importance of the obvious? Read why here.
I welcome all constructive input. If you are interested in learning more about Calvin Coolidge or would like to have me speak at your event, contact me here.




We are also working on an event that would promote our thirtieth President in a unique way to a far-flung part of the country, bringing Coolidge back to Florida after ninety plus years. It would not only showcase the 1920s era with period automobiles, live performances, music, and fashion but share our mutual appreciation of Calvin Coolidge, his life and ideals. This appreciation would best be exemplified through service projects assembling teams of young people and mentors during the summer months, getting people back to an appreciation of hard work, the soil, and American history. Where will it be? Mount Dora, Florida. When will it begin? January 2024.
Interested in helping make “Coolidge Days” happen? You can support this project through PayPal. Thank you.

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Have a Coolidge Research Question? Want to investigate a persistent “Silent Cal” mystery? Commission me to find it for you. Research fee for the first two hours is $50/hr; $100/hr if three or more hours. Ask your question here.




I take your research quests here. Thank you again.



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  1. Daniel is an inspiration. I know there is much to see and learn in the life, example and record of Calvin Coolidge. I believe Mr. Wright sees it, too. He will recycle Coolidge – making him available in a time that needs what “Silent Cal” left us.

    • Dear Mr. President,

      It was a real enjoyment to meet and discuss CC in Mt Dora last weekend. Thank you so much for your very kind thoughts and for all you keep doing to remind us in “more than two words” of Coolidge’s enduring significance.

      Very truly yours,
      D. W.

  2. How wonderful to see yet another outlet for informed and thoughtful discourse on Calvin Coolidge, that underestimated man whose enduring relevance becomes more evident with each passing year, even as contemporary politics has strayed far from the constitutional precepts he held dear. Looking forward to being a regular reader! Best wishes, Kai

  3. I’ll be browsing. Wish I could study in depth and then remember it all. I so value your passion and work and will hopefully gain something that I can share, influence this straying USA….

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