Remembering Abbie

“In March of my senior year my sister Abbie died. She was three years my junior but so proficient in her studies that she was but two classes below me in school. She was ill scarcely a week. Several doctors were in attendance but could not save her. Thirty years later one of them told me he was convinced she had appendicitis, which was a disease not well understood in 1890. I went home when her condition became critical and stayed beside her until she passed to join our mother. The memory of the charm of her presence and her dignified devotion to the right will always abide with me” — Calvin Coolidge, remembering March 6, 1890 in ‘The Autobiography’ (1929)

Abigail Gratia Coolidge

As we remember Abbie today, it is clear from this revealing statement that her brother’s outlook was enriched by her influence. May we exemplify the same qualities as brothers and sisters.

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