On Reasons for Optimism

“However powerful the forces of evil may appear, somewhere there are more powerful forces of righteousness” — Calvin Coolidge, April 22, 1918

“It is never the part of wisdom to minimize the power of evil, but it is far less the part of wisdom to forget the power of good…The important truth remains that the forces of good, now as always, surpass the forces of evil” — April 13, 1923

“The first and most important [human motive], to which all else is subordinate, is that of righteousness. There is that in mankind, stronger than all else, which requires them to do right” — May 30, 1923

“It is necessary not only to have faith, but to make sacrifices for our faith. The spiritual forces of the world make all its final determinations” — December 6, 1923

“Something in all human beings makes them want to do the right thing. Not that this desire always prevails; oftentimes it is overcome and they turn towards evil. But some power is constantly calling them back. Ever there comes a resistance to wrongdoing. When bad conditions begun to accumulate, when the forces of darkness become prevalent, always they are ultimately doomed to fail, as the better angels of human nature are roused to resistance” — September 21, 1924

“It seems as though good influences had always been coming into my life. Perhaps I have been more fortunate in that respect than others. But while I am not disposed to minimuze the amount of evil in the world I am convinced that the good predominates and that it is constantly all about us, ready for our service if only we will accept it”The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge, 1929, p.54-55.

“The only way I know to drive out evil from the country is by the constructive method of filling it with good. The country is better off tranquilly considering its blessings and merits, and earnestly striving to secure more of them, than it would be in nursing hostile bitterness about its deficiencies and faults”The Autobiography, p.186.

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