On Father’s Day

Particularly suited to this day of remembering and honoring our fathers are the words President Coolidge wrote to his father, the Colonel, on August 2, 1925:

“My Dear Father: — It is two years tonight since you woke me to bring the message that I was President. It seems a very short time. I trust it has been a great satisfaction to you. I think only two or three fathers have seen their sons chosen to be President of the United States. I am sure I came to it very largely by your bringing up and your example. If that was what you wanted you have much to be thankful for that you have lived to so great an age to see it.     

                                                                                                                                                    Your Son  Calvin Coolidge”

(Cited from Your Son, Calvin Coolidge: A Selection of Letters from Calvin Coolidge to his Father edited by Edward C. Lathem, Montpelier: Vermont Historical Society, 1968, p.211).

Calvin and his father, John, July 18, 1924

Calvin and his father, John, July 18, 1924. It had been barely eleven days since Calvin Jr. died.

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