On September 29, 1930

President and Mrs. Coolidge at the family Homestead in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.

President and Mrs. Coolidge at the family Homestead in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.

Writing from Northampton on this day eighty-four years ago, former President Calvin Coolidge offered some timely reminders, ones with which no one can honestly disagree, as we look ahead to the November elections,

“Men have made great sacrifices of blood and treasure to secure the privilege and right of self-government. We have extended the franchise to women. All who are eligible should register and vote. The foundation of popular government depends upon the affirmative action of the people at the polls. It is time to begin a careful study to determine what principles and what candidates should command support. The judgment of the voter should be an informed judgment. The purpose of a campaign is to educate the voters on the issues and the ability and character of the candidates.

     “Elections are the most serious business in which our citizens engage. On their results depends not only the welfare of the people but the demonstration of their ability to govern themselves with safety and justice to each other. The greatest peace-time test of the moral power of a people is the ability to cast a disinterested, unselfish and patriotic vote. At the present time the country needs the most conscientious thought it can give in choosing officers. Only such decision is worthy of a free people.”

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