“Traces of Grace” by Cyndy Bittinger

One of Mrs. Coolidge's gowns in the Smithsonian collection.

One of Mrs. Coolidge’s gowns in the Smithsonian collection.

Cyndy Bittinger, scholar on Mrs. Coolidge, observed on Vermont Public Radio this week: “Now, thanks to their older son, John, some of Grace’s gowns and accessories, including purses, necklaces, hair combs, ostrich feather fans, jade jewelry, rhinestone shoe buckles, and a beaver skin and lace hat, are also on display – as well as the inexpensive gold bracelet that Grace’s younger son, Calvin Jr. gave his mother when he was just 4 years old – which his mother often wore in his memory after he died at age 16 on July 7, 1924…July was significant in the life of the Coolidge family in other ways as well. President Coolidge was born on July 4th, 1872 and descendants of the couple gathered in Plymouth again this year to celebrate his 143rd birthday. It’s also the month when Grace Coolidge died just 58 years ago – on July 8, 1957…And while it’s fascinating to see her gowns and all their glitter, it was Grace who gave the state of Vermont the simple farmhouse where her husband grew up and was sworn in as president. I suspect she’d most like to be remembered for that.”

You are profoundly missed these days, Mrs. Coolidge!


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