On True Journalism


CC with cameramen

There never was a time in our history when the importance and the responsibility of the press were greater than at the present day. A true journalist is not a realist, but an idealist.

Art lies in depicting the character, in telling the meaning of the thing that is either painted, spoken or written about, and so journalism lies in telling the people the character of the news of the day and interpreting to them its meaning, in order that they may get the real and the true meaning of the things that are passing on about them from day to day.

It is the choice of that which is essential and the rejection of that which is accidental, and there never was a time when there was more need, more necessity for those who can teach the people by the voice of the word and through the journals of our country than the present.

— Calvin Coolidge, excerpt of address given to the National Editorial Association, May 31, 1920

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