Happy Birthday, Grace!

“I know nothing of astrology nor the reading of the stars, but if there is a star of welcome I am sure that when I was born it presided over my destiny…There was bay window in the dining room for mother’s plants, which she raised in profusion, and these with the lilting song of a canary or two gave an impression of an outdoor garden. The little girl, grown up, can in her dreams still smell the sprays of heliotrope and look deep into the cup of the calla lily with its gold-handled spoon…” — Grace Coolidge, An Autobiography, 3.

Here Mrs. Coolidge partakes of a Girl Scout cookie, October 1923. She had been First Lady for only two months by that time. Photo credit: Library of Congress.

Enjoy something sweet today to remember one of the sweetest ladies ever to serve the United States of America in that role. Happy 142nd Birthday, Mrs. Coolidge!

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