On Vacation

“The vacation season is again near enough to require making plans for it. Many of our people are able to enjoy a winter trip into the Southern portion of our country, but to most of us the time of relaxation comes in summer when the attraction lies in the mountains and waters of the North.

“In recent years possibly some who were responsible for management took too long vacations. Because we have had a difficult year and have many problems to solve such persons may think of foregoing any absence from business in the immediate future. The fact is the brains of the country need relaxation and refreshment more than ever this season. They owe a duty to themselves, their business and their associates to get more than the usual period of rest. The country will be further advanced in October if July and August find many visitors at the shore and in the hills. Just now we need that replenishment of body and soul that comes only in withdrawing from work and familiar scenes and seeking diversion in new activities and new surroundings. This year above most others the brain and the hand need to be replenished by rest” — Calvin Coolidge, June 2, 1931.

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