White House to finally display Armenian Orphan Rug given to President Coolidge

White House to finally display Armenian Orphan Rug given to President Coolidge

At long last, after much effort on the part of some determined Americans, the White House is going to display the rug woven by Armenian orphans in gratitude for the United States and her leading role in the rescue, relief and friendship for those who survived the genocide perpetrated against Armenians in 1915. It was to President Coolidge that the intricate rug was given in 1925, an honor he cherished the rest of his life, ensuring its preservation through his son, John. The rug, displayed by President Reagan in 1984 and President Clinton in 1995, was subsequently put away and, despite countless requests, has not been allowed a showing…until now. A sincere thanks goes to everyone who refused to take “no” for an answer. It reminds us all of the devotion Americans still hold, as Calvin Coolidge did, for helping the innocent, standing by those in pursuit of freedom, defending the sanctity of an individual’s life, and supplying that spirit of good will and generosity that unite, not divide, us. It is also a reminder that when Americans rally together behind a just and noble purpose, nothing can stand against them. Coolidge would be proud.

“Instead of putting all the emphasis on the great amount of wealth our country has accumulated, some thought should be given to the amount it is continually giving away. These are our permanent investments on which the returns are most satisfactory” (Calvin Coolidge, May 4, 1931).


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