President Coolidge meets Sargeant Stubby, October 29, 1924

Having met this amazing Boston terrier twice before (in 1919 when Coolidge was Governor and 1921 as Vice President), Coolidge received a visit from Sargeant Stubby and his adopted owner, Robert Conroy, at the White House. Stubby not only accompanied Conroy to the Front during World War I, but the bold canine exhibited an extraordinary measure of courage, surviving a gas attack and wounds in battle, warning soldiers of incoming artillery, locating wounded troops stuck in “No Man’s Land” and even detaining a German long enough for Allied forces to catch up to his position. The blanket he is wearing, made for him by grateful French ladies, includes his unit badge, his sargeant stripes and an unprecedented array of medals from his service in combat. Coolidge would take time from an otherwise important day of military leaders, Congressional meetings, and even the visit of foreign diplomats to recognize the honor of service, the dignity of courage and the importance of fidelity, even when it is exemplified in one of our best of friends — the tough, little Sargeant Stubby.

Miss Louise Johnson and Stubby, May 13, 1921

Miss Louise Johnson and Stubby, May 13, 1921

Set for release on the 13th of this month, get ready for Sergeant Stubby: How a Stray Dog and His Best Friend Helped Win World War I and Stole the Heart of a Nation by Anne Bausum. The book includes Stubby’s meeting with President Coolidge and his collaboration in charitable work with Mrs. Coolidge.


President Coolidge meets Sargeant Stubby, October 29, 1924

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