Coolidge Crossword #1

Here is the first of our Coolidge Crosswords with quoted highlights from four of our most recent articles, “On Lessons from Phillips Andover,” “On the Future Soundness of Medicine,” “On Garman” and “On the Ideals of Art.” Enjoy the challenge!

2. “It is especially the ___________ side of art that requires more emphasis.”
4. “As human beings gain ____________ perfection, so the world will gain in social perfection, and we may hope to come into an era of right living and right thinking, of good will, and of peace, in accordance with the teachings of the Great Physician.”
6. “What an incalculable loss to the world may have been the premature blotting out of a single brilliant creative _______ which might have been saved through modern healing or preventive measures.”
8. “Knowledge without _________ is dangerous.”
10. “In a wider sense, the arts include all those manifestations of _______ created by man which broaden and enrich life.”
11. “______ is the expression of intelligent action for a specified end.”

1. “The only hope of perfecting human relationship is in accordance with the law of __________ under which men are not so solicitous about what they shall get as they are about what they shall give.”
3. Speaking of Amherst’s teachers in the 1890s, Coolidge said, “The great distinguishing mark of all of them was that they were men of _____________.”
4. “It is not _________, but idleness, that is degrading.”
5. “When the world holds its examinations it will require the same standards of accuracy and ________ which the student bodies impose upon themselves.”
7. “We may be certain that our country is altogether _______ of us. It will be necessary to demonstrate that we are _______ of our country.”
9. “For our chartered institutions of learning to turn back to the material and neglect the _________ would be treason, not only to the cause for which they were founded but to man and to God.”

"94 million over weight" by "Ding" Darling, The Des Moines Register, September 14, 1928.

“94 million over weight” by “Ding” Darling, The Des Moines Register, September 14, 1928.

Coolidge Crossword #1

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