On Keeping Perspective

6193346898_78dbff35d4_b working in Plymouth

“I hope you all enjoyed your stay over in Vermont. I find it is helpful to me to go back once in a while to see that I am not forgetting how people earn their living, how they are required to live, and what happens when those who have harness breaks, or one of their shoes need some repairing, sit down and mend it. You can go out and do work on fences, do such odd jobs as are necessary to keep the house in repair, and in general do such things as are necessary for the ordinary American citizen to do. There is always a little danger that those who are entrusted with the great responsibilities of business and Government may come to forget about those things and disregard them and lose the point of view of the great bulk of citizens of the country who have to earn their living and are mainly responsible for keeping their houses, farms and shops in repair and maintaining them as a going concern. I find it very helpful to go back and revive my information about those things, lest I should be forgetful about it and get out of sympathy with those who have to carry on the work of the nation” — President Calvin Coolidge to the press, August 10, 1926 (The Talkative President, Eds. Quint and Ferrell, Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1964, pp.46-7).

Happy Presidents Day!

6193348020_ca6a2a22b3_b Gov CC aint afraid of work on Arbor Day

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