“Best of Coolidge” Readings: Vice Presidential Years, Part 2

Continuing the series of three in our “Best of Coolidge” speeches from the Vice Presidential years is this exceptional address given before the Evanston Sunday Afternoon Club in Evanston, Illinois, January 21, 1923. It could hardly be anticipated that he would succeed to the Presidency before the end of the year but, listening to this speech again, it can be readily seen that Mr. Coolidge was ready for the great task. He loved his country, knew its courageous and principled role in the march of history and saw at the heart of things more readily than so many around him who were lost by political details and distracted by the peripherals. In a very real and practical way, he glimpsed America’s spirit better than we see it ourselves, especially today. Few leaders dare say what he says here yet he captured the temperament, outlook, and aspirations of a nation rapidly stepping into its own confidence and sense of modern power endowed not only by its moral ideals but by its religious foundations.

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