Note the corrections to the record of this day’s events. Unfortunately, the State Archives get the caption wrong as well, attributing this visit to Florida being the same one in which then-President Coolidge dedicated Bok Tower. Florida Memory mistakenly identified the woman to Coolidge’s right as Grace, the good folks over there have since corrected their caption on this photo ( This is actually Mrs. Trumbull. Jim Cooke rightly notes that the photo has been flipped.

The Importance of the Obvious

The Coolidges in Florida, January-February 1930

Having visited Florida near the end of his term to dedicate Bok Tower in Lake Wales, February 1, 1929, Calvin, and his wife Grace, came back to visit the state from January 8-February 13, 1930.

They visited a number of places during their brief time here before heading West, reaching California by February 19th. In this picture, snapped on the 24th of January, Mr.  Coolidge is touring the Orange Festival in Winter Haven while Mrs. Coolidge is not present, having remained in Mount Dora to plant a cypress for the local Garden Club that day. The Citrus Queen, Ruth Snyder, is presenting former President Coolidge with grapefruit while Mrs. Trumbull, wife of the Connecticut Governor and mother-in-law of Cal’s son John, samples an orange. Lakeside Inn manager, Archie Hurlburt, stands between them and at the far right of the photo, then-Major James Van Fleet, former head coach of the Gators…

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The Coolidges in Florida, January-February 1930

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