“It’s Time to Meet ‘Silent Cal'”

VP CC at desk

As our very devoted and admirably disciplined friend has been reading through biographies on each of the Presidents, we are enthused to see he has arrived at Mr. Coolidge. We eagerly await his impressions of #30 and look forward to his thoughts on the six (and we hope the Pony Express will make it seven) biographies ahead in the coming weeks.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to our friend for the double mention of our site at his treasure trove of Presidential study. Perhaps the harder to find but no less worthy biographers — who set out as distant as ninety years ago to explain Cal to his generation, will find new welcome in the collection of sound biographical portrayals and good Presidential literature.

We look forward also to Mr. Coolidge rising substantially in the estimation of those who read deeper than the surface mischaracterizations to which his record has been so unfairly subjected.

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