A Review of Horace Green’s “The Life of Calvin Coolidge”


Horace Green’s fast-paced and even incisive perspective on Mr. Coolidge has a welcome review over at The Best Presidential Biographies. Though, as our friend notes, the book was written early in the Coolidge administration, before it had been properly tested, Green’s take lacks neither the incoherence nor the datedness that sometimes accompanies old biographies. It lacks none of the clarity or snap of any good writer’s work. It is unfortunate that the book is so difficult to find because it deserves a far better place in public consciousness not only as an honorable part of understanding Coolidge but also as good reading. It is unfortunate that Mr. Green never went back and expanded on this work after the completion of the Coolidge Era. Check out our friend’s review here.

Calvin Cooldge

2 thoughts on “A Review of Horace Green’s “The Life of Calvin Coolidge”

  1. Thanks to referring me to this early biography of Coolidge – it was well worth the difficulty in finding a copy! I just wish that, prior to his death, Green had gone back to take a look at the entire Coolidge presidency and retirement!

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