Visiting South Dakota

Pan for Gold

The President observes the panning process for gold at Custer’s “Gold Discovery Days” held there during his visit. Courtesy of the Custer Courthouse Museum.

The folks at the Courthouse Museum in Custer, South Dakota, put together a nice little pictorial commemoration of the Coolidges visit to the state in the summer of 1927. Enjoy!

Presidents Ride

Coolidge is given a high-strung mare for his birthday, July 4, 1927, Game Lodge, Custer, South Dakota. She turns out to be too jumpy to have the President ride without trouble. Wanting to ride her anyway, the President reluctantly consents to her retirement to the stable and her replacement, a gentle stallion named “Mistletoe,” is obtained as his ride that summer, including the long trek out to the dedication of Mount Rushmore in August.

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