On Burlington & Grace Coolidge


Burlington, as a mantle of fog rolls in off Lake Champlain

“Burlington is beautiful at any season of the year…But to me she is most beautiful when a mantle of pure white snow covers her warm breast, when the branches of the trees are bare and the limbs of the evergreen trees are weighted down to graceful curves resembling ostrich plumes tipped with shimmering white. Then there is a crispness in the air that brings roses to the cheeks, laughter to the lips, and a sparkle to the eyes.

“I do not know who was the first to call her the ‘Queen City’ but we, her children, have a royal heritage which makes us kings and queens by right of birth. I arrived to claim my own during one of those cold snaps in midwinter when the mercury in the outside thermometer had dropped until it was nearly all collected in the round bulb at the bottom of the thin glass tube…

“I know nothing of astrology nor the reading of the stars, but if there is a star of welcome I am sure that when I was born it presided over my destiny. After nine years I came to make three in the little family, which never increased to four. The sun, moon, and stars, in the opinion of my parents, revolved around my infant head, and never was a babe more tenderly loved and cared for than I” — Grace Coolidge, An Autobiography 2-3.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Coolidge!


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