On Colonel Starling


Colonel Edmund W. Starling of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, served on the White House Detail from 1914-1943, vigilantly protecting five Presidents in that thirty year career. It is a testament to his legacy that he served so long a duration, asked to stay on through five administrative transitions. Colonel Starling lived an incredible life and was an extraordinary gentleman. He would become chief of the Detail following the great “Dick” Jervis and was succeeded by the superb Mike Reilly. Collaborating with author Thomas Sugrue, Starling wrote his memoirs Starling of the White House, itself an excellent composition and a resource heartily recommended here. Yet, unfortunately, the lapse of years has obscured Colonel Starling and hidden the story of his achievements. He deserves a new appreciation. That is why Colonel Starling will be featured in our upcoming work, holding a prominent place in The Salient Cal Project.

Starling and Jim Haley behind the Coolidges as they leave First Congregational services 1925

Agents Jim Haley (right) and Colonel Starling (left) accompanying the Coolidges as they leave church services.

We look forward to sharing more in the coming months. For now, though, what would you ask the Colonel or the Starling family, if you could?

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