Maury Thompson on “Al Jolson and Harding’s ‘Front Porch’ Campaign”

Candidate Harding, Blanche Ring, Al Jolson, and Charles Evans Hughes. Note: Hughes is wearing a black armband following the loss that April of one of his daughters, Helen, age 28. Photo credit: Ohio Memory.

Mr. Maury Thompson, scholar on the life and legacy of Charles Evans Hughes, has a fascinating article over at the New York Almanac not only about the long-forgotten Jolson but also the campaign (comprising the ticket of Harding and Coolidge) that won in truly historic proportions one hundred years ago this November. Moreover, we catch an instructive glimpse of Charles E. Hughes’ role in that campaign. Hughes, too, is regrettably overlooked these days. He shouldn’t be and Mr. Thompson is working to remedy that.

Check it out and stay tuned for more from Mr. Thompson here at The Importance of the Obvious!

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