On Saving: A Hallmark of Civilization

“Sometimes it is difficult to get the public to understand, not only the necessity but the benefits and the blessings that flow from thrift, industry and the saving disposition, not only to those who happen to put their money in banks, but to the conduct of all kinds of business enterprises. It is not too much to say that almost the whole of what we call civilization is the difference between saving what we make today for use on the morrow, and exhausting it at the time we receive it. And wherever we find a people with sufficient self-control, sufficient balance, sufficient thrift and industry to save their money and increase their capital, there you may be altogether certain that civilization will make progress. Where you find capital being dissipated, where you find a thriftless and improvident population, there you will be equally certain of decline setting in that will end the advance of civilization.”Governor Calvin Coolidge, Boston, April 23, 1920

One thought on “On Saving: A Hallmark of Civilization

  1. Individuals would spare themselves much pain and worry by imposing control over their spending. This can be easily done with a budget that funnels your money into what is needed and desired, rather than dissipated without control on this and that. Building up personal saving is key, for its give you independence and the ability to meet unexpected financial needs as well as make those big purchases that come along in life. Perhaps most importantly it allows you to sleep untroubled at night and makes for a happy marriage. The best time to save is when you are young and getting started–that is the time to live cheap and put away a little nest egg. You will be happy if you do.

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