On Letters & Temptations

In February 1905, the Coolidges were still courting. Grace seemed to be in the middle of fending off a seasonal ailment but Calvin was missing her acutely and expressed so in his letters. Here is a snippet from the 10th of that month:

My dear Grace: —

When I came in from the Banquet last night your light made me think you might be up again with your malady. I hope not. I am so sorry it is troubling you, do get some treatment for it. I didn’t enjoy the Banquet. I don’t know why, it seemed I never dreaded speaking so…

It is so pleasant today I would like to take you driving. Can’t you skip school for a sleigh? Or may I ask you to come after tea — about 7:20? Please telephone me between 4 and 4:30 if you do not decide to come — otherwise be on the watch for me so I needn’t ring for you.

I know I am always wanting something of you — perhaps you are so used to it now you don’t mind. Just think what a temptation you are and try to forgive me if I seem to ask too much.

Sincerely, Calvin

She didn’t seem to mind after all. They were married that October.

The Coolidges, several seasons later, sharing a moment aboard the Presidential yacht, the Mayflower.

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