“Coolidge and the American Project”

On Thursday and Friday, this past week, in Washington, D. C., the Coolidge Presidential Foundation and Library of Congress hosted a superb conference on the thirtieth president, covering in seven sessions the life, learning, and legacy of Cal. It was strongly attended, representing quite a diverse range of scholars, educators, and students of Cal alongside an overdue examination of the instructiveness the man and his era provide. We look forward to more excellent conferences to come and a flourishing return Coolidge deserves to public dialogue and civic discourse. Including his wisdom in the conversation will always elevate every citizen’s knowledge of and responsibility for our own part in what is required to continue our Republic. By rediscovering who he is and why he matters the foundations of our Republic and the price of freedom every American owes will be advanced.

Happy Birthday, in advance, President Washington, and a Happy Presidents’ Day, Coolidgeans everywhere!

One thought on ““Coolidge and the American Project”

  1. Calvin Coolidge’s words still have much appeal to Americans today. They reflect so well our fundamental ideals and beliefs. His reputation can only rise as his words become known and understood.

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