Happy 150th Birthday, Cal!

Speaking of the region of Vermont where he was born that Independence Day of 1872, 150 years ago, when one of his heroes — U. S. Grant — was President, Coolidge writes:

They were a hardy self-contained. Most of them are gone now and their old homesteads are reverting to the wilderness. They went forth to conquer where the trees were thicker, the fields larger, and the problems more difficult. I have seen their descendants scattered all over the country, especially in the middle west, and as far south as the Gulf of Mexico and westward to the Pacific slope.

It was into this community that I was born on the 4th day of July, 1872. My parents then lived in a five room, story and a half cottage attached to the post office and general store, of which my father was the proprietor. While they intended to name me for my father, they always called me Calvin, so the John became discarded.

Our house was well shaded with maple trees and had a yard in front enclosed with a picket fence, in which grew a mountain ash, a plum tree, and the customary purple lilac bushes. In the summertime my mother planted her flower bed there…

This locality was known as The Notch, being situated at the head of a valley in an irregular bowl of hills. The scene was one of much natural beauty, of which I think the inhabitants had little realization, though they all love it because it was their home and were always ready to contend that it surpassed all the surrounding communities and compared favorably with any other place on earth.

My sister Abbie was born in the same house in April, 1875. We lived there until 1876, when the place was bought across the road…

Here are some remembrances from my trip up to the Notch a few years ago…

Next, here are some past birthdays for CC…first up, 1924, followed by 1929 and finally 1931. 

Enjoy a slice of Independence Day for Cal this Monday! I sure will.

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